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Phil Taylor has been working for Pink Floyd and David Gilmour continuously since he was 22 years of age. Having worked for other bands for the previous four years, in 1974 he was employed by Pink Floyd to take charge of the band’s personal equipment used on stage and in the studio. Their only full time backline crew member, responsible for the guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. He has worked on every Pink Floyd and David Gilmour project for over four decades.

He was both Production Director and personal Guitar Technician for David’s solo shows in 2001/2002, for the Pink Floyd Live8 reunion in 2005. his On An Island tour in 2006 and for the Rattle That Lock tour in 2015/16

Phil was at Bath Festival in 1970 - unbeknown to himself at the time witnessing the Black Strat’s stage debut. Four years later he was looking after the now legendary guitar and many years later writing this book about it.

Clockwise from top left:

On An Island tour, Gdansk, August 2006

On An Island tour, Venice, August 2006

David and Phil testing pedals for the lap steel Live 8 rehearsal 2005

David and Phil testing pedals for the lap steel Pink Floyd British tour 1974


Video of David and Phil talking about the new Black Strat.